Your Self Planned Adventure

Jasper is home to many beautiful lakes. Each with its own landscape, wildlife and even water colour. Accessible by a short walk through lively forests. We have rowboats ready for you and your friends or family to enjoy: Valley of the Five Lakes, Moab Lake, Beaver Lake, and Cabin Lake.

There are several larger lakes which are easily accessible. Great for cruising along the glassy waters by canoe: Pyramid Lake, Patricia Lake, Talbot Lake, and Maligne Lake.

All you need to bring is your fishing gear and your Parks Canada Fishing Permit, which you can purchase at Jasper Source for Sports or the Astoria Hotel.
Life Jackets and other necessary items are provided with the rental. All necessary items including whistles, bailing buckets, life jackets,keys and even fishing permits can be found at the Astoria Hotel in downtown Jasper.



Rowboat Full Day: $80                                                          
Rowboat Half Day: $55
Canoe Full Day: $80                                                              
Canoe Half Day: $55

Rowboat, motor, one battery: $90*
Motor only: $40*
Battery only: $15

Freighter Canoe 19': $180/day

Freighter Canoe 21': $225/ day                                        
+ $150 each additional day
~3 page form is required for motor rental

**Prices may change without notice**



Jasper’s Lakes